INGEDE Symposium 2013



pdf-logo Introduction, Update on INGEDE's Activities (Ulrich Höke)

Project EcoPaperLoop:

   pdf-logo Introduction to EcoPaperLoop (Graziano Elegir)

   pdf-logo EcoPaperLoop WP4: Improving Paper Collection within CE (Harald Großmann)

   pdf-logo EcoPaperLoop: Recyclability Assessment (Dennis Voß, Hans Putz)

pdf-logo Paper for Recycling: A project for cooperation along its path to optimise
     and support the material loop (Siegfried Kreibe, Bifa)

pdf-logo Resource efficiency in the European paper industry:
     Doing more with less is what we do best (Ulrich Leberle)

pdf-logo Ecolabels
     (Almut Reichart, Umweltbundesamt)

pdf-logo Recent developments in digital printing – drupa 2012 and after
     (Detlef Schulze-Hagenest)

pdf-logo INGEDE's Activities in Deinkability of Soy Inks (Axel Fischer)

pdf-logo INGEDE's Activities in Digital Print Deinking (Axel Fischer)

pdf-logo Introduction of new INGEDE members: Weig Karton (Michael Fuhrmann)

pdf-logo INGEDE Project 130 09 PTS — Process oriented deinking of prints
     with cohesive and cross-linked inks in laboratory scale (Elisabeth Hanecker, PTS)

pdf-logo INGEDE Project 135 11 TUDD — Adsorption Deinking (Toni Handke, TU Dresden)

pdf-logo INGEDE Project 138 12 PTS — Monitoring of varnished printed products
     with NIR spectroscopy (Enrico Pigorsch)

pdf-logo INGEDE Working Group "DIP Quality Management" (Anne-Katrin Klar, Katharina Schütt)

pdf-logo Introduction of a new INGEDE Member:
     Kübler & Niethammer Papierfabrik Kriebstein (Ulrich Höke)

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